Wedding Photo Booth 101

1. Do the photos PRINT out on site?

Some photo booths don’t print out on site. You might also want to check what size the photos print out. Most brides want the traditional photo strips printed for their wedding. Also, how many copies does it print of each photo? Is there one for you, and one for your guest? If this is important to you them make sure to check into this.

2. What is the QUALITY of the photos?

Website PicNot all photo booths are made alike. I cannot stress the importance of seeing the quality of photo. It’s always a good idea to do a little investigation. How is the LIGHTING? Take a look around the site of the photo booth you are interested in. Are there photos from REAL EVENTS posted anywhere? Or all of the photos just marketing photos that have been touched up? You don’t want to pay for a photo booth, then have your memories be held within pixely photos.

3. What does the booth LOOK like?

Is it large or small? Black? Pipe and drape? A box? A CABANA? Look for photos on the site, and ask questions if you do not find PHOTOS of the photo booth on the site. Brides want to make sure that their wedding and reception look beautifully decorated. Make sure that your photo booth looks like purposefully planned part of your wedding rather than a sore thumb in the corner of the room.

4.  Are there any hidden FEES?

Many times it seems black and white with PRICING, but make sure that you take a good look at what isCloth-blk2-web-236x300 included in what you are paying for. Is set up and tear down included? What about the prints? Are they included? Props? What about digital copies? Don’t just look at the initial price. Once again, do a little investigating to make sure you are not just comparing the price tag, but what is included, and what the quality is as well. Its never fun to have a last minute case of “Oh, you owe an extra $200 x,y & z.”

5. Do you like the BACKDROP?

Backdrops are a great way to shnaz up your photos. It is also a great way to help make your photo booth look like a custom piece of your reception. Take a look at different photos taken against different types of backdrops. Do you want a CLEAN BRIGHT LOOK? Then might look for a white backdrop. Do you want something that looks like something you bought at ANTHROPOLOGIE? Then go with a backdrop with lots of texture and colors that can melt together in a dreamy sort of way. Are you using a strong DAMASK PATERN throughout your wedding? Carry it into the photo booth too! There is a way to make your wedding look absolutely seamless through your photo booth so go for the Gold!

P.S. I couldn’t help but add this last tip. Check out reviews on sites such as WEDDING WIRE. See what people are saying about your company, and where they have been featured. Just a little nugget of advice to find the best photo booth company to make your big day absolutely unforgettable.


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